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2016 Bugatti Chiron at the Geneva Motor Show

 the world’s most outrageous supercar ever, that’s what. 1,500hp, 0-62mph in under 2.5 seconds, top speed of at least 261mph… whatever your ideas of what makes a car truly fast are, it’s time to recalibrate them. The £2 million Bugatti Chiron is a monster.
 The spec
An 8.0-litre W12 engine produces 25% more power than the old Bugatti Veyron (25%!), and 1,180lb-ft of torque between 2,000-6,000rpm. There’s never been a road car more powerful than this: Bugatti actually had to rebuild its engine test benches with aerospace-grade ones as the existing ones were too weak
 How fast is it?
The top speed of 261mph is only the starting point: it’s limited to that for road use. Remember how the Veyron became progressively faster? For what it’s worth, the speedo reads to 500km/h - that’s 310mph. Could this be the world’s first 300mph passenger car?

The tech
This boundary-pushing Bugatti is a tech overload. The monocoque is carbon fibre (and as rigid as an LMP1 racing car), there's an adaptive chassis for the first time, Formula 1 components in the brakes, active aerodynamics - even its ability to withstand electromagnetic interference is military-grade

The interior

The interior has a huge C-shaped light bar that separates driver and passenger: it’s the longest light conductor in the car world. Because it’s such a fast car, Bugatti’s kept the design simple, but the tech beneath it is considerable. There are two keys as well - a regular one and the Bugatti Speed Key. The difference? the latter opens up the 261mph top speed
 How much?
Yes, how much, you might exclaim: £1.87 million. And that’s the base price, before taxes. So bank on £2 million plus Despite this, advance orders have been placed for a third of the planned 500-unit production capacity
 The rivals
The Bugatti Chiron sets so many benchmarks, it’s without rival. unless you consider the current world’s fastest car, its Veyron predecessor. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren, Pagani…. all build hypercars but none has a car quite as hyper as thi

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