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Nokia N9's new choice of OS MeeGo, looks like a good move

The N9 is the newest smartphone offering from Nokia and the first one featuring the MeeGo Operating System.

Simply put ,the MeeGo Operating system. Moving away from its Symbian powered phones, Nokia has chosen MeeGo to power its newest flagship offering , and it seems to be a considerable improvement . From first impressions, the operating system was very fluid and responsive. Its new home screen system is juggled through with swipes and worked  wonderfully well.
The 3.9-inch screen is definitely easy to look at . the screen is practically flush with the body making gestures and swipes work very well . the front doesn't feature any buttons, with only three for them on the right; of which two make the volume rocker. The internals feature a 1GHz processor 1GB of RAM and 1450mAh battery . By no means did this phone seem to limp.

Featuring Carl Zeiss optics , the N9 shoots stills at 8MP and HD video. The lower aperture (f2.2)means it'll do pretty well in low lighting too.

Expect it to lighten your wallet lighter by about DH 2,200

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