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Honda Stylo 160 Is Team Red's New Modern Classic Scooter

160cc engine with a classic look? Say no more.

How do you feel about Honda's modern scooter lineup? If you love the engine that's in the ADV 160 and the PCX 160, but you've been wishing for something with a little more pizazz, Team Red would very much like to interest you in the new Stylo 160.

The newest scoot in the lineup is full of modern conveniences like LED lighting, your choice of ABS or CBS braking assistance, Honda Smart Key, a USB socket to charge your smartphone on the go, and a clear digital display.

At the same time, it forgoes the ultramodern (but somewhat bland) styling cues of the PCX 160. It also drops the rugged adventure aesthetic of the ADV 160, because that's not what it's going for. Instead, what the Stylo 160 is all about is right there in its name: Style.

Honda Stylo 160 is all about style. Style, you hear us?!

With the Stylo 160, it's all in the details. Color-matched mirrors go with your choice of six colors: Royal Green, Royal Matte White, Royal Matte Black, Glam Red, Glam Black, or Glam Beige. Seat, floorboard, and grip accents also change depending on what color of Stylo 160 you choose.

The Royal colorways all get brown saddles, floorboards, and grips that really pop against their bodywork. Matte silver grab rails and additional accents complete the look and give it a classy finish. Bronze-colored 12-inch wheels are the pièce de résistance on this trim level. Honda Stylo 160 - Glam Red

Choose the Glam colorways instead, and your scoot angles more toward the modern end of the 'modern classic' gamut. The saddle, floorboards, grab rail, and grips are all blacked out. So are the wheels, which is probably helpful if you don't like to clean the brake dust off at regular intervals. (No judgment; brake dust is a fact of life if you ride a lot, and I've ridden enough scooters to firmly say SAME.)

Both the Royal and Glam colorways have fully blacked-out, stealthy exhausts mounted low on the right side of the scoot. The forks, headlight bezels, and levers are all silver, but there's not a lot of other silver on display here, which is kind of refreshing.

Pricing and Availability

So far, Honda has only introduced the Stylo 160 for the Indonesian market, but it seems quite likely to make its way to other markets in Asia (and probably Europe and possibly the US, eventually) in the coming weeks and months. Unlike some of Thai Honda's single-market limited editions, the Stylo 160 is clearly a new model on a mission to win over scooterists in multiple regions in 2024.

Pricing in Indonesia starts at 27,550,000 Indonesian rupiah (IDR), which is equivalent to about $1,760 USD as of February 7, 2024.

If you're in Indonesia and you're interested in the Stylo 160, you can reach out to your local PT Astra Honda dealer with any questions you might have. For the rest of us who are located in other geographic regions, unfortunately we'll just have to wait our turn.

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