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Classic cars- Ford Custom Deluxe & Deluxe (1949 to 1951)

Ford Custom Deluxe & Deluxe (1949 to 1951) The Ford Custom Deluxe and Deluxe was a series of full-size cars introduced in 1949. For the first year of production, this family of cars was known as the Custom and Standard, but for 1950 the models were known as the Custom Deluxe and Deluxe. This series of cars was offered in sedan, coupe, convertible, hardtop, and station wagon body styles, and was available with a 3.7L inline six or 3.9L V8 engine. The top trim for the Custom Deluxe was named Crestliner, which when production of the Custom Deluxe ended, the name was used for its successor, the Ford Crestline. The middle and entry level trims became known as the Ford Mainline and Ford Customline.

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