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Toyota FT-Se Concept Teased Electric Sports Car Concept

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Toyota is previewing a sports car it intends to showcase later this month at the Japan Mobility Show. The first teasers portray a coupe with futuristic styling that looks nothing like the GR86 or Supra on sale today. It appears to be an evolution of the Sports EV concept pictured at the bottom. That one had a similar shape along with an orange body and a black roof. It might just be a closer-to-production variant.

The electric sports coupe has been baptized "FT-Se" and has plenty of Gazoo Racing badges inside and out. In fact, the rear doesn't even carry the Toyota logo since the three ovals have been replaced by the black and red "GR" badge with a white font. It's also noticeable on the yoke-like steering wheel as well as on the front fender.
The Japanese automaker isn't saying what those letters mean but we do know from past models that "FT" stands for "Future Toyota." As a refresher, the 2014 FT-1 went on to become the Supra in 2020. Presumably, "S" is for "sport" and "e" is electric.
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