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2024 Hyundai Santa Fe revealed with a boxy redesign

Hyundai’s nearly all-in on its electrification efforts, but it hasn’t forgotten the bread-and-butter SUVs that have brought it this far. That’s why we’re seeing an all-new Santa Fe for 2024, the model’s first complete makeover since 2018, bringing a striking change in the Santa Fe’s appearance. The first and most impactful change with the update is the Santa Fe’s styling, which has been transformed into a boxy, beefy-looking family hauler

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Hyundai said it used the Santa Fe’s shape to convey a sense of grandeur, giving it a high hood, sharp fenders, and unique H-shaped headlights that follow other H-ish shapes in the front fascia. The SUV gets 21-inch wheels and now looks the part of a serious off-roader. The automaker also stretched the Santa Fe’s wheelbase, and while we don’t have the new measurements, the change should improve ride quality and interior space for the popular SUV.

Hyundai said it designed the new Santa Fe with lifestyle use top of mind. The interior features fold-flat second- and third-row seats and follows the same H-heavy styling that the SUV’s exterior wears. Hyundai equipped a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster in a curved panoramic display and said that the Santa Fe’s cabin offers contrasting upholstery colors and high-end materials throughout. Sustainable materials headline the interior design, with portions of the headliner and seatbacks made from recycled plastics.

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