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The Canyon Neuron:ON now comes in two new carbon fiber variants.

(getCard) #type=(post) #title=(You Might Like) #info=(Card Info) The Canyon Neuron:ON now comes in two new carbon fiber variants.

Electric bicycles undoubtedly supercharge your cycling experience both for sport and for practicality. A lot of mainstream cycling brands have been rolling out new, performance-oriented electric bikes that center on versatility and practicality. Canyon, a popular German manufacturer of high-end bikes, is leading the charge on the eMTB sector yet again, with the launch of the 2023 Neuron:ON

First launched in 2020, the Neuron:ON takes Canyon's well-loved Neuron full-suspension MTB, and boosts it with a powerful electric motor, and uprated components to provide a more robust and durable ride. For 2023, the Neuron:ON has been given a massive selection of updates that further improve its versatility and overall performance. According to Canyon, the Neuron:ON has been redesigned from the ground up to make it a "true adventure electric mountain bike."

Previous iterations of the Canyon Neuron:ON were made available solely with an aluminum frame. As such, the biggest update to the model range is the addition of new carbon-fiber variants simply dubbed the Neuron:ON CF. Apart from reducing weight, the CF frames make for a more rigid ride with slightly tweaked geometry. Most notably, the bikes now feature 140 millimeters of suspension travel, a feature that Canyon says improves the bike's off-road capability. To add to that, the Neuron:ON CF is now sold exclusively with 29-inch wheels, making for an overall more capable trail shredder, sacrificing agility for better all-terrain capability

On the performance side of the equation, the Neuron:ON CF relies on all the latest goodies from Bosch. Power is sent to the ground via the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, and is supplied by a Bosch PowerTube with capacities ranging from 625 to 750 watt-hours. The brains of the e-bike make for quick and easy configuration via the Bosch eBke Flow mobile app, which offers navigation and ride planning features, and is compatible with Komoot to keep the bike safe and secure.

Furthermore, the new Neuron:ON CF is equipped with the ConnectModule, virtually turning the rider's smartphone into a digital key to access the bike. This adds a layer of protection to the bike, as the system incorporates an immobilizer and alarm that's automatically activated when the bike is switched off. Should movement be detected without the rider's smartphone in proximity, the alarm will sound. This feature comes standard on all Neuron:ON CF models, and comes with a 12-month subscription.

In terms of pricing, the Neuron:ON CF sits at the middle of the road when it comes to carbon-fiber electric mountain bikes. The most affordable model, the CF 7, retails for 4,799 Euros ($5,249 USD) with the 625 watt-hour battery pack, and 4,999 Euros ($5,467 USD) for the bigger 750-watt-hour PowerTube. Meanwhile, the fancy CF 8 retails for 5,599 Euros, or about $6,123 USD. As of this writing, U.S. market pricing has yet to be confirmed, so be sure to check out Canyon's official website for updates.

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