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Fields Auto Works can help you build a '60s-inspired track monster

A fairly new company, Fields Auto Works, has not one, but two cars designed for the track, and cost fractions of those exotics cost. Plus, they should be easy to service and maintain, which is key to getting loads and loads of laps.
The company, based in Columbus, Ohio, was founded in 2017 by Rob Fields. The company currently consists of about 20 employees, a number of whom have worked on racing teams in IndyCar, IMSA and other series. The company has been developing its first model, the Cardinal, for a few years, and it's now in production, with two customers having already taken delivery, and four more scheduled this quarter. Twenty examples have been sold so far.

The second model, the Scioto, is slated for an official debut in May, with five sold so far. Fields is taking orders for both for deliveries in 2024.
The Scioto is similar in many ways to the Cardinal. It has similar construction, suspension and options. It's quite a bit bigger, though, coming closer in size to a C8 Corvette. It also is traditionally mid-engined and is designed to use a V8. Fields suggests a 7.0L LS V8 making 505 horsepower and six-speed manual transaxle, and the weight is just 100 pounds more than the Cardinal. It should be an absolute monster. It's a good-looking one, too, with a shape clearly based on Le Mans prototype race cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Just like the Cardinal, the Scioto doesn't come with an engine, so it can be left up to the customer, and it opens up the possibility for street registration under kit car laws. According to founder Rob Fields, the first customers of the cars have a wide array of engine plans including V8s, V10s and V12s from America, Germany and Italy.
The Scioto is much more expensive starting at $115,000, and there are many options that can drive up the cost. But all-in, it should be a car that delivers performance greater than cars costing hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

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