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All New Upcoming India Honda ZR V : e HEV Exterior & Interior Detailed

Glossy and dignified. A powerful presence that stimulates the senses.
The proportions that condense the flowing and glossy silhouette and the power of an SUV into one shape.
The sporty styling and high-quality sex appeal that transcends class give it an unparalleled presence.
The appearance that suits any scene resonates with your values and renews the sensibility of this era.

Vertical front grille

The design is linked to the surrounding shape to create a sense of unity and functional beauty.


Full LED headlight with daytime running lamp

It fuses curvaceous beauty with luster and power with headlights with a sharp impression.


Built-in Exhaust Finisher

The trapezoidal stance provides stability, while the built-in finisher tightens the undercarriage and emphasizes sportiness.



Wrapped in a stretchy design and exquisite, high-quality tailoring.

The interior is intuitive and easy to operate based on the latest HMI (Human Machine Interface). The beautifully balanced instrument panel and high-deck center console with independent layout on the left and right sides create a personal space and create a beautiful usability. By applying even higher quality tailoring, its bold and stretchy functional form is dressed in a lustrous sex appeal, filling you with a sense of elation and comfort.

* HMI (Human Machine Interface): The point of contact between man and machine. Refers to switches and displays that are operated by the driver and various feedback from the car.


Pearlescent soft pads


The surface of the soft pad, which gently wraps the body and gives a sense of security, uses a pearl-like epidermis studded with glossy glass pearls. It is installed in places where the body touches, such as the instrument panel, high deck center console, and armrests.

Digital Modeling Design

Digital modeling design that combines a sense of uniformity in the entire interior and functionality that makes scratches less noticeable is adopted for the first time in a Honda vehicle in Japan※1。 It is applied to door lower lining and around the luggage compartment.


Perforated Metal Air Conditioner Outlet

An air conditioner outlet with a horizontal letter is adopted. In addition to emphasizing the wide feeling, the perforated metal surface gave a precise and high-quality impression.

Interior color is maroon

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