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Apple May Turn iPad into Smart Display; Challenge to Amazon Echo

Reports that the iPads, the tablet computing device of the Apple company, may get a new dimension. The company plans to soon convert them into a smart display and speaker, similar to devices like the Facebook Portal and Amazon Echo Show, reports The Verge. Apple is expected to launch a dock next year to bring this extra capability to iPads.

  •  Can be charged and can be held up as a display
iPads can be placed on a counter or bedside stand .Apart from Amazon Echo, Amazon's Fire Tab has also been given this function. Amazon has shown that they can be held up when attached to a charging dock, charge through the dock,charge through the dock, and act as a smart display. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who releases relatively reliable information about the iPad maker, claims that Apple will follow this path.
  •  Even Google has started
Even Google, which has been late to tablet manufacturing, has introduced a docking station with its Pixel Tab last week. This dock can act as both a magnetic charging station and a speaker. Also, once the tab is attached to this dock it will have the functionality of a Nest Hub Max. You can also use it to control your smart home devices. The Verge also says that Google Assistant can be used by running Google's Home app.
  •  Apple's goal is the same

Gurman says that Apple will try to use the same technology in iPads. Unlike hand-held FaceTime calls, Apple will try to introduce hands-free calling as well as control of smart home appliances through voice commands.

  •   Intentions beyond that

Assistants from Amazon, Google, and others have overtaken Apple in the smart home space. Being the first to enter the scene has created a favorable situation for these companies. Meanwhile, the company could make a comeback in the US market, where Apple's devices are most widely used. Gurman claims that Apple is also manufacturing devices other than the iPad dock for this purpose. He says the next version of Apple's smart speaker HomePod will have a new display, S8 processor and multi-touch functionality. This will be part of the effort to make further progress in the field of smart home. Gurman claimed last year that the company is also developing a device that can convert the Apple TV into a smart speaker. It is also believed to be manufactured by Apple.

  •  Cheapest and highest new iPads coming soon

According to a report by Bloomberg,Apple will soon launch new versions of its lowest-priced and highest-end iPad ranges.The most expensive iPad range to be unveiled will be completely redesigned iPad Pro models.It is also believed to be the M2 processors that power the company's MacBooks. Two models are expected in the Pro category - 11-inch and 12.9-inch screen sizes. There is no indication of their price.

At the same time, a new member will also be coming to the cheapest iPad range. It is expected to use. the A14 bionic processor. A more advanced design is expected for this iPad as well. Also, we might see a USB-C port, 5G connectivity, etc. New iPads are sometimes introduced along with new laptops in the MacBook series.

  •   Labor movement with increasing vigor has become a headache for Apple and Amazon

Last week's election in Oklahoma City shocked Apple, which had previously boasted that its employees would never be attracted to labor unions, according to Bloomberg. The company was shocked when the vast majority of workers decided to join the Communications Workers of America Union (CWA).

But this isn't just Apple's problem. It has also started causing problems for companies like Amazon and Google. There are estimates that this may be the beginning of a labor movement in the United States. For decades, labor unions have had no headway in the technology sector. Apple has been raising wages from time to time, thinking that they will not face the problem.

Apple's current minimum wage in the United States is $22 an hour. Even last week, the workers were given a bunch of new rights However, Apple was literally shocked by the difference between those who supported and opposed the the union in the voting. 56 people voted in favor while only 32 percent voted against. At the same time, the company also says that it is preparing for further discussions with the employees.

  •   India wants to regulate crypto coins

India, which is set to hold the presidency of the G20 countries, will try to create awareness about the need to regulate cryptocurrencies at the global level. PTI reports that Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has hinted about this.The finance minister says that all countries should take a stand against the crypto currency system, seeing it as a new way for black money to come in and the possibility of ending up as funding for terrorists.

The minister also said that organizations like the World Bank are conducting their own assessments on cryptocurrencies. The minister says that all such studies should be combined and a new policy should be formulated for the crypto sector. At the same time, Nirmala Sitharaman said that there is no desire to destroy the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

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