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All New Mitsubishi Xpander Detailed View

Rough roads, light off-road terrain or even flash floods, XPANDER's high ground clearance makes it versatile enough to handle these.
This makes any turning done effortlessly with easier maneuverability, especially in tight spaces such as shopping mall parking bays or small & winding country-side roads.
Optimised to deliver a stable and comfortable drive, especially during cornering or windy roads. It features shock absorbers with high-performance valves that reduce vibrations.
Even on high speeds, XPANDER holds its ground. The Tower Strut and Rear Crossmember improve stability and handling.
When the shift lever is in reverse, a camera above the tailgate captures a clear view behind the vehicle that appears on the Smartphone-Link display audio monitor so you can back up with peace of mind
ASC recognises oversteer or understeer and automatically applies brake-force to maintain control.
ABS maintains maneuverability around obstacles while EBD distributes brake-force to reduce stopping distance.
Prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards on an incline by momentarily maintaining the brake-force before accelerator is applied.
During emergency situations, automatically applies more than usual braking force to ensure a quicker stop.
Reminds the driver to rest during long journeys and arrive at the destination safely.
Protects the driver and the front passenger in a collision by absorbing most of the impact.

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