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1957 Chevy Corvette Super Sport -Old Classic

This Corvette is a true piece of history, whether you're into Corvettes, Chevys, American cars or sports cars generally. This was a special show car built by Chevrolet to show off the Rochester Ramjet fuel-injected engines it would start offering that year. It went on tour to multiple car shows in 1957, including the Chicago Auto Show, and it appeared in various magazines.

The car got a 283-cubic-inch fuel-injected V8, and it was paired with a three-speed manual transmission. The most obvious visual change is the custom fiberglass cowl with plexiglass windshields for the driver and passenger, but there are other little changes, too. The side scallops are finished in brushed aluminum with chrome-plated surrounds, something not offered on production models. It got unique taillight covers, as well. The interior featured some tweaks such as unique door panels, a center clipboard, magnetized and anodized cups, custom pedals and a different tachometer.

Although the car was restored, much of it is still original. The powertrain, the upholstery, the custom interior parts and even the trunk carpet are all what the car had in 1957. It even has special Corvette badge-branded tires from when it was made. And the car only has 4,317 miles on it.

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