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Zero Labs electric 1971-1985 Land Rover Series III


Zero Labs is the California company Restored Land Rover Series III.The idea is exactly the same with this Land Rover as it was for the Bronco.

1971-1985 Land Rover Series III that’s been fully worked over for a large sum of money. Two versions will be available: Classic and Beach. The Classic is a traditional hardtop SUV, whereas the Beach version comes with a removable hardtop or removable soft top. Both feature a reengineered chassis with independent suspension all the way around.

Land Rovers appear to be sporting the same powertrain setup as the Bronco. That means a battery pack mounted down low under the floor, and the buyer should have the choice between an 85-kWh pack or a 100-kWh pack.

Zero Labs intel pegged the largest battery pack option at 70 kWh. Range estimates top out at “235-plus” miles on a full charge in the highest spec for the Land Rover.

You’ll be able to choose between a single 300-horsepower motor at the rear, or opt for all-wheel drive and add a second 300-horsepower motor to the front axle.

Both the Classic and Beach trims will start at $185,000 before options or other customization.

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