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Hummer Electric to make history, power 1014bhp

US manufacturer General Motors (GM) is set to return the Hummer with its legendary vehicle history .Battery-driven premium sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pick-up trucks will replace the old Hummer with a powerful petrol engine, and this range will be in the future. The Hummer EV,
which is being rolled out in the GMC brand, is capable of producing 1,014bhp and 15,592Nm of torque.
The new 'Hummer' can fly at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour in just three seconds. GMO has not revealed much about the new 'Hummer' other than its incredible versatility in the on-road
and off-road areas.

The official launch of the pick-up truck in the 'Hummer' series is expected to take place on May 20 in Las Vegas. Prior to this, GM had been showcasing a 30-second teaser of the truck during Super
Bowl matches.
Duncan Aldred, Vice President of Company, GMC, says, "The company has been instrumental in building .
premium premium trucks and SUVs." He hoped the arrival of the Hummer EV would take this quality to
new heights. By the end of next year, General Motors will have a new 'Hummer' in its head for the
Detroit Hamtram in Michigan....

Over the next four years, GM is investing $ 770 billion (about Rs 55,054 crore) to build electric vehicles in the US. The Detroit Hamptram, which needs electric trucks and vans, costs about $ 300
billion (about $ 21,450 crore) for renovations. ...

GM has chosen the skateboard-style chassis for start-up company Rivian. The automaker will combine motor and battery to reduce production costs. GM plans to produce 80,000 electric vehicles annually.
The performance variants are expected to be rolled out in 2022, following the first development model, code-named 'Project O'. GM has discontinued production of the legendary models Hummer H Two
and the smaller 'H Three' in 2009.


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