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Suzuki reveals Tokyo Auto Salon custom cars

Swift Sport Katana

Suzuki has previewed three custom cars ahead of this week’s Tokyo Auto Salon.The mean Swift Sport Katana (pictured above) is the most dramatic of the three with its bulging fender flares, aggressive front fascia, and side-mounted exhaust outlets.
It follows a tamer, though still attractive Swift Sport Katana limited edition shown in Europe last year. Suzuki says the Swift Sport Katana’s interior features gradation titanium trim that’s “reminiscent of a heated muffler”. There doesn't appear to be any performance modifications to match its racy look, though the Swift Sport is already a zippy, fun-to-drive little hatch.

The splashy new Jimny has been given the custom treatment, too, and this one’s designed to make a splash. The Jimny Sierra Marine Style is equipped with a fishing rod case and an interior upholstered in wet suit material.
Hustler Street Base

The Hustler is part of Suzuki’s sprawling kei car range in the Japanese market, which also includes the cute Lapin, aggressively-styled Alto, and tall boxes like the Spacia and Wagon R.The amusingly named Hustler has been redesigned for 2020, now more closely resembling the Jimny instead of the boxy XBee crossover.Rhe Hustler Street Base also features unique interior lighting.

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