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This is the new Tesla Roadster as revealed by Elon Musk

This is the new Tesla as revealed by Elon Musk recently. The new Tesla Roadster is claimed to have a 0-60mph time of just 1.9 seconds and 0-100mph time of 4.2 seconds Also impressive is that Elon Musk claims the new Tesla will have a range of 620-miles and feature a 200kWh battery pack. The second generation roadster is claimed to have a mind bending 10,000Nm of torque, which comes from three electric motors. With one electric motor in the front and two in the back, the new Tesla roadster is claimed to have a top speed of 250mph Such a high top speed is unheard of in electric vehicles, suggesting there is some new advanced engineering underneath the body. The second generation Tesla roadster will initially have a run of 1000 ‘Founders’ models, which is expected to cost $250,000 (£189,000) Inside the new roadster has a 2+2 configuration, making it almost practical. Production is sat for 2020, with reservations being taken now, and with performance figures as insane as Mr Musk is suggesting, don’t be surprised if there is a lot of interest. The original roadster marked the beginning of Tesla’s rise to power. The roadster was revealed alongside the new Tesla electric lorry. Inside, the cabin looks futuristic, with a funky steering wheel and large sleek screen similar to that in current Teslas.

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