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When the modification is improved, the bike with the Innova's engine-driven bike

Many different modifications have been seen but it looks like it looks amazing. A bike with Toyota Innova's engine. It was made entirely by hand. This modification is not here, are in Indonesia. This video appeared on the YouTube Channel, the Bhackar Customs.

The video is widespread in moderation not only in Indonesia but in Moderation fans.

 The Toyota Innova is equipped with a 2-liter petrol engine used in the Indonesian variant. The engine is equipped with 137 bhp and 180 Nm torque.

The bike uses a six-speed automatic switch. The larger the chassis is used to fit the large engine. Transmissions are also attached between the engine and pedestrian.

The bike has a single seat for the bike provided by the raze styling. The bike is specially designed to travel with the Innova engine. LED headlamps and LED tail lamp are provided.

This Modified Bike has twice the power of bikes.Uses disc brakes and an electric starter on the front and back.

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