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DEMON drone: Ukrainian craft can be fitted with guns, explosives or rocket-propelled grenades

A 'war drone' that can be fitted with everything form machine guns to explosives and rocket grenades has been revealed. The founder of Ukrainian firm called Matrix UAV, Yuriy Kasyanov, posted a video of the prototype drone to his Facebook page. 'Armed with a grenade launcher, the unit is designed to inflict sudden, precise strikes on armored vehicles, fire points, air defense equipment, and enemy headquarters at a distance of up to 10 kilometers' Kasyanov says in the post.

He claims the Demon could also carry out kamikaze strikes up to 12 miles away, diving directly onto its target with a 7-kilogram bomb.
For more remote attacks, Kasyanov says a a 4-kilogram payload could be carried 56 miles.
In the Facebook comments he also claims the firm had successfully test fired the drone without losing control - although no video of this has been posted.
The first prototype of the Demon UAV is fitted with the RPG-26 grenade launcher. 
It can also carry small arms and a bomb load weighing up to 5 kg.
The firm says the grenade launcher could be used for surprise attacks on armored vehicles, firing points, air defense systems and enemy headquarters at distances up to 10 km. 
The drone will be controlled by an operator. 
The threat of drone attacks has heightened in recent weeks after an alleged 'drone attack' against the president of Venezuela.- although many claim it  was faked after TV cameras failed to capture the 'missiles' and firefighters said the incident was actually a gas tank explosion.

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