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Vespa Elettrica-Iconic Italian scooter manufacturer to roll-out first battery

Vespa Elettrica, it boasts a maximum range of 62 miles (100km)
Electric version of the much-loved Vespa first released back in 1946
The top speed is not currently known, however the speed is limited to 19pmh (30km/h) when the scooter is set to Eco driving mode
Vespa's first electric scooter will go on sale in Europe in October and in the US at the start of 2019. The silent, battery-powered scooter is an electric version of the much-loved retro Vespa which was first released back in 1946.
The re-imagined all-electric scooter, known as the Vespa Elettrica, has a maximum range of 62 miles (100km) and takes around four hours to charge the battery.
 Manufacturer Piaggio Group has remained tight-lipped about the price of its new scooter, as well as its top speed.
 It has previously revealed the Vespa Elettrica will be limited to 19pmh (30km/h) when set in Eco driving mode. Developers say the scooter will have an AI system that will provide users with real-time mapping and traffic data, as well as the ability to detect if a pedestrian is about to walk into the road in front of the vehicle.
 Riders will also be able to connect their phones to the bike using Bluetooth. This will also allow them to access the digital dashboard and use navigation services.
Electtrica will cost around the same as other high-end Vespa models, although parent company Piaggio Group has not made an official announcement. The battery will last up to a thousand charge cycles, which is the equivalent of ten years, before it loses 20 per cent efficiency

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