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2018 New Volkswagen Polo GTI Original and Polo R Grid

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New Volkswagen Golf GTI Original and Golf R Grid models will touch down in International Market the German car maker has revealed.Both models will join their respective lines as new price leaders, opening the GTI and R badges up to buyers shopping on a tighter budget. GTI Original will join the very first Golf GTI in being offered with three doors only. The Golf R Grid, on the other hand, will come in five-door hatch and wagon form.
Both of the new entry-level performance hatch options will be available with either a six-speed manual or with a DSG dual-clutch automatic – six-speed for the GTI, seven in the R. The R wagon will continue as a DSG-only offering.
Power in both cases will mirror that of their regular counterparts, with the GTI Original matching the 169kW/350Nm of the newly updated GTI, and the R Grid getting the same 213kW/380Nm numbers recently bestowed upon the regular R.

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