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Vauxhall GT Concept unveiled ahead of Geneva show

 An all-new two-seat coupé concept, described as “a template for future sports cars”, will be unveiled by -Opel at the in March.

the GT Concept is broadly similar in size and mechanical layout to a but has ultra-modern, flowing lines and a fixed roof. It is so pared down and “unashamedly avant-garde” that it doesn’t even need door handles or exterior mirrors. It does, however, employ the classical long-bonnet, short-boot proportions used by ‘emotional’ rear-wheel-drive sports cars through the ages, although its mechanical components are distinctly modern.
 A 144bhp turbocharged version of Vauxhall’s 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine drives the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox, which is also controllable by column-mounted shift paddles.
Vauxhall-Opel design chief Mark Adams, who led the project, said the GT Concept unashamedly pays homage to two influential European concepts of the mid-1960s - the Vauxhall XVR and the Opel Experimental GT - both of which had a big influence on the design of the production cars that followed.

The GT Concept’s rakish looks are backed by a very contemporary mechanical package. The 1.0-litre, all-aluminium 144bhp engine (used in various guises in the, and ) also packs an impressive 151lb ft of torque in the GT’s turbocharged form. Ready for the road, the GT is tipped to weigh less than 1000kg.
A 0-62mph time of  less than eight seconds and a 134mph top speed are promised.
Perhaps the GT Concept’s most striking design features are the large doors, whose side windows integrate seamlessly into the body surface without the need for conventional sills. They are opened via roof-mounted touchpads in the red signature line, which flows on either side from the GT’s eye-grabbing red front tyres, along the tops of the front wings and over the roof onto the rear, enclosing a see-through roof.

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