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Hyundai Elite i20 vs rivals: Price comparison

 Hyundai has launched its new Elite i20 premium hatchback at a starting price of Rs 4.89 lakh for the base petrol version. The new Hyundai Elite i20 retains the 82bhp 1.2-litre petrol and 89bhp 1.4-litre diesel motors from the outgoing car. Both petrol and diesel versions are available in four trims with an additional options pack on offer for the Sportz trim. So, how does this latest Hyundai stack up against other segment offerings – the Fiat Punto Evo, Volkswagen Polo facelift, Maruti Swift and Nissan Micra – when it comes to price tag?

Here are the details.


The petrol versions of the new Hyundai Elite i20 start at Rs 4.89 lakh for the base Era trim and go on to Rs 6.47 lakh for the top-end Asta trim.

The recently launched Fiat Punto Evo range starts from Rs 4.55 lakh for the Active trim and tops out at Rs 6.65 lakh for the 1.4 Emotion. While entry to the Hyundai's range comes at Rs 34,000 more than the Fiat, the Elite i20 tops out at Rs 18,000 less.

The facelifted VW Polo is available at Rs 4.99 lakh for the 1.2 Trendline and Rs 6.07 lakh for the top Highline trim. While its entry point is Rs 10,000 higher than the Hyundai's, the top Highline is Rs 40,000 cheaper. 

The Maruti Swift base LXi variant has the lowest price tag of Rs 4.42 lakh – Rs 47,000 cheaper than the Hyundai Elite i20 Era. The top Maruti Swift ZXi trim costs Rs 5.65 lakh, which is Rs 82,000 less than the top Elite i20 petrol trim.

The Nissan Micra petrol range starts at Rs 4.82 lakh for the XL trim and the base Micra is closest in terms of price to the Elite i20 Era, with the Nissan costing just Rs 7,000 less. However, the top Micra XL Comfort, priced at Rs 5.44 lakh, is a substantial Rs 1.03 lakh cheaper than the Elite i20 Asta.


The Hyundai Elite i20 diesel range starts at Rs 6.10 lakh for the Era while the top Asta trim can be yours for Rs 7.67 lakh.

In comparison, the base Fiat Punto Evo 1.3 Active trim gets a price tag of Rs 5.27 lakh which is Rs 83,000 cheaper than the Elite i20 Era. The top Punto Evo 1.3 Sport trim is priced at Rs 7.19 lakh which is Rs 48,000 lower than the asking price of the Elite i20 Asta.

Compared to the other premium hatchbacks in this bunch, the base VW Polo Trendline trim sports a higher price tag of Rs 6.27 lakh while the top Polo Highline trim costs Rs 7.37 lakh. The Polo Trendline is Rs 17,000 more expensive than the Elite i20 Era but the top Polo Highline is Rs 30,000 cheaper than the Elite i20 Asta.

The base Maruti Swift LDi trim retails for Rs 5.45 lakh which is Rs 65,000 less than the base Elite i20 diesel trim. The top Swift ZDi trim gets a price tag of Rs 6.70 lakh which is Rs 97,000 less than the top i20 Elite trim.

Just like the Swift, the base Nissan Micra XE trim too has an attractive price tag of Rs 5.45 lakh while the top Micra xv Premium trim costs Rs 7.03 lakh. This makes the Micra XE Rs 65,000 cheaper than the base i20 Era while the top Micra trim costs Rs 64,000 less than the i20 Asta trim. Continued..

How does it stack up?

As far as base petrol trims are concerned, the Elite i20 Era costs Rs 34,000 more than the Punto 1.2 Active, Rs 47,000 more than the popular Maruti Swift and just Rs 7,000 over the Nissan Micra XL. The VW Polo petrol base trim is the only one more expensive than the Elite i20 Era, although by only Rs 10,000.

When it comes to the range topping petrol version, the Elite i20 Asta is more expensive than the VW, Maruti and Nissan (Rs 40,000-1.03 lakh) while the Fiat Punto Evo Emotion is the only one which surpasses the Hyundai on price, by Rs 18,000.

With respect to base diesel trims, the Elite i20 Era costs Rs 65,000 more than both the Maruti Swift LDI and the Nissan Micra XE. Similarly, the base Punto Evo too retails for Rs 83,000 less. But, the Polo TDI Trendline costs Rs 17,000 more than the new i20 Era. Just like the top petrol trim, Hyundai has priced the top Elite i20 Asta diesel trim higher (Rs 30,000-97,000) than the equivalent top trims of its rivals.

So, as it stands, the new Hyundai Elite i20, at least in the top Asta trim level, will have you shelling out more than any other rival  premium hatchback (except for the petrol Fiat Punto Evo Emotion which gets a larger 89bhp 1.4-litre motor). But then, being a Hyundai, one has to consider that the top-end model is loaded to the gills with equipment, the features list more extensive that even some compact sedan offerings like the Honda Amaze or Maruti Dzire. In fact, certain features like a rear view camera is not available on any segment rival. There's also no denying the fact that even middle trims on, the car is well equipped.

As a compact city commuter that will keep you well entertained on the go, looks upmarket on the outside and in, with proven, capable engines, the new Hyundai Elite i20 makes for a decent proposal. The larger boot and longer wheelbase also adds to practicality.

Sometime later, Hyundai is also expected to launch an automatic version of the Elite i20 and that should serve to heat up the premium segment race.

Hyundai Elite i20 petrol vs rivals - Price comparison
Hyundai Elite i20Fiat Punto EvoVolkswagen PoloMaruti SwiftNissan Micra
Era Rs 4.89 lakhActive Rs. 4.55 lakhTrendline Rs 4.99 lakhLXI Rs 4.42 lakhXL Rs 4.82 lakh
Magna Rs 5.42 lakhDynamic Rs. 5.12 lakhComfortline Rs 5.66 lakhVxi Rs 4.90 lakhXL Comfort Rs 5.44 lakh
Sportz Rs 5.94 lakh
Highline Rs 6.07 lakhZxi Rs 5.65 lakh
Asta Rs 6.47 lakh

Hyundai i20 Diesel vs rivals - Price comparison
Hyundai Elite i20Fiat Punto EvoVolkswagen PoloMaruti SwiftNissan Micra
Era Rs 6.10 lakhActive Rs 5.27 lakhTrendline Rs 6.27 lakhLdi Rs 5.45 lakhXE Rs 5.45 lakh
Magna Rs 6.62 lakhDynamic Rs 6.21 lakhComfortline Rs 6.96Vdi Rs Rs 5.76 lakhXL Rs 5.78 lakh
Sportz Rs 7.14 lakhEmotion Rs 6.83 lakhHighline Rs 7.37 lakhZdi Rs 6.70 lakhXL O Rs 6.41 lakh
Asta: Rs 7.67 lakh---------XV Rs 6.80 lakh
---------------XV Premium Rs 7.03 lakh

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