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2014 Honda Accord | new car review

The Honda Accord is a good-looking car. The saloon version is simple yet stylish, and new added features such as LED lights give it an Audi-like sense of refinement. Subtle contours rise and fall along the sides making the car look sharp as they join the four corners together seamlessly. The coupe version of the Accord is especially pretty; Honda should be proud of themselves.

Inside the Accord the style is continued, with an interior that knocks its rivals – the Toyota Avalon and Nissan Maxima – out of the park. There are some unusual shapes in there, but it is all packaged together neatly and finished exquisitely. There is a fair amount of glossy plastic that will certainly be susceptible to scratches, but otherwise the Accord feels refined and safe.

Honda have fitted some clever bits and pieces to the Accord, the most interesting being the “Honda Lane Watch” feature. There is a camera that is mounted within the passenger side wing mirror, eliminating your nearside blind-spot. The Accord is also available with “Variable Cylinder Management”, which matches your driving style and deactivates three cylinders to improve fuel economy. I’d love to find out how that works!
What’s on offer?
There are several variations of the Accord on offer, with the 4-door saloon ranging between AED 89,000 and AED 121,000. The standard 2.4 litre engine also comes in a coupe body, which is AED 110,000. Should you wish to flex your muscles that little bit more, then there is a 3.5 litre V6 coupe model that costs AED 129,000.
 Summing it
The Honda Accord can be summed up thusly: it looks good, it feels good, it’s economical, and there are plenty of options available. While it may not jump out at you as an exotic car, it will do everything you ask of it, and do it well.

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