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Sony Xperia Z hands on review

 Sony - The Sony Xperia Z is a Sony Android smartphone that Sony wants to rival iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III. How? A giant screen, distinct styling different from the rivals and a mega camera. But is it any good?Click through for our gallery and first impressions of the smartphone that Sony desperately needs to become a success
Spec: A quad-core processor means business and a 5-inch screen is bigger than iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III.The 13-megapixel camera also beats both rivals and comes with 4G as standard. It’s not only the most powerful smartphone Sony has made but a sign that it desperately wants to make a proper dent in the smartphone market in 2013 against a lacklustre performance in 2012. As a surprise, it also packs twice as much RAM (2GB) as many of its rivals
Build: Sony doesn’t build ugly products and the Sony Xperia Z boasts a slim body and edge to edge screen with minimal surround. In a striking design move, the power button is a chunky protruding silver button, similar to one you might find on a laptop.It’s waterproof too – Sony claim the smartphone has the “highest levels of dust and water resistance on a smartphone” 
In the hand : The slim body feels premium and doesn’t look cheap and shiny. It’s lightweight too – a cross-breed of iPhone smart with Samsung specs
Ports and inputs : ‘One-touch’ Sony tech is based around Near Field Communication (NFC) which allows you to share music and movies by tapping the Sony Xperia Z against other Sony devices from music docks to a TV remote control and even headphones. Just tap once and you’re done – it’s hassle free, reliable and does away with passwords -

 Display : The 1080p Full HD screen is a full 5 inches - beating the 4.8 inch Samsung Galaxy S III and is considerably larger than the iPhone 5 screen. It’s stunning and uses Sony’s custom Bravia Engine 2 tech which, cutting out the jargon, means deeper blacks and vibrant colours
Apps and software : Boasting the latest Android operating system - Jelly Bean - there’s also Sony’s own music and movie services. They aren’t anything new but work well and are easy to use – the music player looks great too
 Camera : A 13-megapixel Exmor RS lens beats Apple and Samsung smartphones hands down. Only Nokia can boast a similar quality camera but Nokia doesn’t do Android.Capable of capturing HDR 1080p video, the Sony Xperia Z is moving closer to digital camcorder territory – the results looks brilliant on a connected Smart TV
 Storage : A microSD card slot is welcome and with the basic level of storage set at 32GB, there’s a decent chunk of space for movies, music and apps but still the option to expand which Sony excluded from recent Xperia smartphones
 Hardware : The large frame of the Sony Xperia Z means a louder sound from the internal speaker but not a better quality sound – you’ll still need one of Sony’s neat dock speakers to get the most from audio without headphones.Sony claims that there’s new software embedded in the phone which extends battery life based on your usage habits. We haven’t had chance to test it thoroughly yet though and similar claims have proved to be spurious before
 Price/release date : Sony Mobile will release Xperia Z in Q1 2013 – which means March by conventional tech manufacturer standards.From our initial first look, we reckon it could make a big impression


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