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Subaru VIZIV at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

 Segment-busting, sports-coupe/crossover concept cars are making quite a splash at this year’s Geneva auto show. The Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour and Kia Provo both mix two-door bodies with decent ground clearance and speedy styling, and now Subaru has joined the fray with its Viziv crossover concept, a diesel-electric hybrid with coupe-like style. Unlike the Parcour and, to a lesser degree, the Provo, the Viziv actually previews a future design direction for its maker, and possibly even an upcoming production model.

New Shape, With Some Seasoned Details

The two-door Viziv’s front-end look recycles Subaru’s current hexagonal grille design but mixes in cool, hook-shaped head- and running light combos and a powerful, jutting hood. The car’s greenhouse is set back well behind the front wheel openings, and the roof arcs into the rear hatch in a way that’s “evocative of the shooting-brake body style,” according to Subie. Out back, the quad exhaust outlets and wide-set taillights recall the current-gen WRX five-door. Overall, it looks like a crossover-fied version of 2011’s Advanced Tourer concept with a few fresh touches.

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