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Kia’s new Superman-themed Optima Hybrid looks spectacular for a saloon

 Kia - There’s no mistaking this for a bird or a plane – and no, it isn’t faster than a speeding bullet. But Kia’s new Superman-themed Optima Hybrid looks spectacular for a saloon, and has just been revealed at the 2013 Chicago Motor Show, ahead of heading off to help raise money for charity.
 The Superman Optima is the latest superhero Kia created in conjunction with Super Street magazine as part of an official collaboration between DC Entertainment and Kia. Each car is associated with a DC Comics’ Justice League character, and it all began with Batman back in October.
  Every car is part of a scheme to raise money for the “We Can Be Heroes” charity campaign, bringing relief to drought and famine victims in the Horn of Africa. There will be eight superhero Kias in total, rolling out to fight injustice over a period 10 months.
  The Optima Hybrid was chosen to represent superman because Kia thought its first-ever Hybrid model would be a good match to “Superman’s strength and commitment to planet Earth”. With 206hp it’s not the most powerful American Optima, but it is by far the greenest.
   The red that extends down the sides and onto the bootlid is like Superman’s cape, while the distinctive new grille design was influenced by his belt. Seems Superman likes a bit of underbody neon as well. Maybe that’s just a personal style preference.

 The headlights glow red “with the same intensity” of Superman’s heat vision, and while there is no word of any performance mods under the bonnet, there is a button in the cabin to raise and lower the suspension. We’d tenuously suggest this is a little like it’s flying… No?
 No mention of the Kia’s equivalent to kryptonite, but we suspect the petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain would start to get sick pretty quickly if you put diesel in the tank.
  To create a car worthy of the Man of Steel, this Optima gets special widened bodywork for a more muscular appearance. Not to mention the iconic blue and crimson colour combination, complete with S shield emblems on the bonnet and the seats.
  The interior upholstery is textured like “Superman’s impenetrable battle armour” apparently. Which doesn’t sound entirely comfortable, but is probably impressively stain resistant. We’re disappointed to note the big S drives an automatic, though. Perhaps he needs both hands on the wheel.
  The Superman Kia Optima is a one-off charity project, so sadly it isn’t for sale and we wouldn’t like to speculate how much it cost. But if it can do a little good in the world then it’s all right with us. Bravo.

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