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Chinese fisherman builds amphibious motorbike

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Rex Features - An enterprising fisherman in China has turned his motorbike into a fishing boat, aping the sort of madcap engineering challenge you would see on Top Gear. Except this one actually works
 Chen Guohong, from Zhangzhou in southeast China's Fujian Province, has solved the problem of off-loading his catch at the harbourside – because he simply drives out of the water and off to the market
And it means his motorbike, suitable for carrying a maximum of two people, can now transport a small family on land or water
 When he arrives at the water’s edge, Chen simply drives into the sea, drops the propeller and off to work he goes. At the end of a hard day hauling nets, he lifts the propeller again and simply drives out of the sea, cutting out the hassle of off-loading his catch and then transporting it to market.It took Chen five months to build his bike-boat, which has a top speed of 44mph on land and four nautical miles per hour on water
Until now amphibious vehicles have been expensive playthings but this resourceful approach shows that there is a practical side to water-bound cars and bikes, too.But let’s hope for Chen’s sake that the sea around southern China is calm because it doesn’t look like his clever bike and boat invention would cope with a storm

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