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Vespa counterfeits seized at EICMA 2012

 6 scooters were seized from EICMA 2012 on the basis of copyright violations

Following complaints of Vespa counterfeits at the ongoing EICMA motor show in Milan, Italian law enforcement seized six scooter models that were on display at the show. The scooters were seized for alleged counterfeiting and copyright violations by the Guardia di Finanza. All the scooters which were seized are electric-powered except for the Roman, which is powered by a 150cc internal combustion engine.

The six scooters seized are:
Roman by the TaoTao Group
WL 101Z by Ningbo Wanli Weiye International Trade Co.
Luxury by Bertini S.r.l.
Reset Ecologic by WRS S.r.l.
Miami by E-Tropolis Italia S.r.l.
Milano by E-Tropolis Italia S.r.l.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first incident where models have been seized at EICMA for copyright violations. Last year, Yiben 250 ZKT was seized by the Guardia di Finanza for its close resemblance to the Piaggio MP3. The TaoTao and Ningbo Wanli Weiye stands were closed, since the seized models were the only ones they had kept on display.

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