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The incredible insect Olympians: The breathtaking synchronised gymnastic display of caterpillars captured on camera

Ermine moths were captured in the Ukraine performing a range of gymnastic in perfect unison
Moths better known for creating chaos with large webs that can cover bushes, trees and even cars

The Olympics and Paralympics may be over, but the insect world is stepping into the breach with some incredible displays of synchronised gymnastics.
The clever caterpillars were snapped showing off their moves in front of the watchful eye of amateur photographer Aleksandr Chorny near the River Teterev, Ukraine.
He captured the six-strong party of acrobatic caterpillars who seemed delighted with the opportunity to show off their balancing acts whilst carefully clinging on to the side of a leaf.
The Ukranian photographer has only been working behind the camera for the past three years and has now turned his hand to specializing in macro -photography.
He was taken by surprise by the creative performance when he was out walking along the river.
As the sun goes down they often come to life and start nibbling their way through leaves and plants but these ones seemed more interested in trying out their dance routines than getting their daily meal.
Green-fingered gardeners are likely to find ermine caterpillars like these a bit of a pest as they're famed for creating whopping silk webs up to 20 foot long.
Whilst the webs may look like beautiful works of nature, they're capable of destroying gardeners' hard- grown plants which become cocooned under the webs to be used later for the caterpillar's lunch.Aleksandr, 28, a full-time artist, caught the creepy crawlies on an Olympus E-3 camera over an hour- long period.
He said: 'I was totally amazed by how peculiar their behavior was because I'd never seen anything like this before. 'When I tried to blow on them, their tails kept getting higher and higher until they were almost standing up vertically. 'It was as if they were reacting to the movement of air. 'I loved seeing the different ways that their bodies could move and watching them felt like I was at a circus show. 'This type of macro photography is my favourite because it gives people the ability to see the hidden world and the beautiful things that can't normally be seen by the naked eye.'

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