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Tata Motors successfully tests air powered cars

 Tata Motors ,The Indian car maker has completed testing of 2 air powered cars that run on, as the name suggests, compressed air.

Still in prototype stage, the car based on AirPod technology, can attain speeds in vicinity of 65km/h. The air required for propulsion is either sucked in while driving using electric motors or you need to drive into a air pumping station for your fill of Air.

With a capacity to seat 3, these air powered cars can cover a distance of about 200km on a single tank of Air. Given the numbers, these cars are best suited for commuting within the city. This is good news for countries like India where sever traffic congestion and high fuel costs are norms of the day.

Tata Motors had shocked the world with its launch of Nano, the cheapest car in the world, a few years ago. Subsequently, following buyout of Jaguar and Land Rover, the Indian car maker has become a noticeable player in the global automotive scene.

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