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Soviet Unions Bombers Today-Amazing

 Tu-95MS – carrier of cruise missiles H-55 with a nuclear warhead.
 The first flight of its prototype 95-1 was performed in 1952. Alas, during the seveteenth flight the prototype crashed and out of eleven people aboard four died. But it didn’t stop the tests and soon the aircraft was put into service.


 Continuing the tradition that was born in the end of the twenties – beginning of the thirties of the last century – some aircrafts are named after heroes of the Soviet Union, as Tu-160, or after Russian cities, as Tu-95MS.

 Tu-160 was designed in the 1980s.
 The air forces of Russia currently have sixteen units of Tu-160.
 On the 30th of July, 2010, a new world record of non-stop flight was set – the bombers flew 30 thousand kilometres over the three oceans, having refuelled four times in the air.

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