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Clever the 3D printing is! Yoda helps explain the latest technology innovation

At this stage, the model looks nothing more than a piece of plasticine - but wait for the 3D printing to begin in earnest
 3D printing has the potential to change our world as much as the Internet has over the last two decades.
The industry - at least for the domestic market - is barely a few years old, but the technology is already signalling an age where we can assemble, out of thin air as it were, tools and toys at the push of the button.
Take, Yoda, for example, who slowly assembles in front of our eyes using a 3D printer, down to the tiniest, perfect details.
What is more, if you have a similar 3D printer at home, then you can download the blueprint and re-create your own.

Scroll down for video:
Still not much to it: But you have not seen anything yet, as Yoda begins to appear miraculously out of thin air, 0.1mm at a time


Can you see what it is yet? Yoda's chin begins to take shape as if by magic
 Yoda was 'printed out' by YouTube user BusyBotz, using a domestic home 3D printer (which, be warned, currently cost £1,000 plus).
He used a design avalable from Thingiverse, which is a website where you can download plans in the same way you can download books, music, or films from other websites.

Users are already compiling -and then freely sharing tools - such as cutlery, knives, scissors - to objects as diverse as bird houses, Roman-style busts, lamps and lampshades.
In fact, anything that can be made, can be made - as long as it is an object.

The Yoda model takes closer shape, with honeycomb internal structure visible inside

Yoda materialises out of thin air, with the level of detail showing how advanced the technology is becoming

And in a short time, Yoda appears out of nothing, ready to impart his wisdom
 The technology is still in its infancy, so these printers will not be building complex items with cables and moving parts just yet, and you will not be printing off your next PlayStation on this.
But within a decade or two, it is likely many homes will have one of these printers in their home, downloading and printing off whatever is needed.
For instance, if you lose the battery cover for your phone, chances are someone else has done the same - and will have built you a plan.
Indeed, your mobile maker may well release these plans for their customers.
Or you may use a printer for cutlery, for toys, or simply anything that you need in your home which isn't electrical or perishable.
It may be a big change, but don't fear it, for as Yoda, might tell us: 'Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering'

And so Yoda is complete, down to the smallest details of his little green head

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