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No iPhone 5? Last-minute flurry of leaks shows off shots and details of iPhone 4S - but no sign of a new look

Zealous bloggers at German sites such as iPhone fan site iFun caught a snapshot of Vodafone Germany's site offering a menu of new  'iPhone 4S' models today - but there was no sign of iPhone 5.

Likewise, within the latest 'beta' version of iTunes, Apple Insider and 9 to 5 Mac reported several references to iPhone 4S - and images show the new phone looks EXACTLY like the old iPhone 4.

The 9 to 5 Mac went blog further with an - as yet unconfirmed - 'leaked' release date of October 14.

German iPhone site iFun captured this tantalising glimpse of iPhone 4S on Vodafone Germany's website. Is it telling that it looks the same as iPhone 4, or has Apple simply kept any redesign under wraps?

Nothing is certain, but it looks increasingly likely that iPhone 4S might launch today - and iPhone 5 might not appear until 2012.

Many insiders think the iPhone unveiled will be 'iPhone 

4S' - a faster model with a better camera and antenna,

but still similar to iPhone 4 in shape

A design concept shows a rounder,curvier new look for iPhone 5 , with a larger  screen. Other tech insiders say it's unlikely that Apple will go back to the rounded 'look' it abandoned before

Analysts predict Apple will 'shatter' its one-day sales record of 1.7 million due to 'pent up demand', and it will sell more than 100 million next year.

Opinion is split over whether there will be one or two models launched today - and whether or not it's called 'iPhone 5', the phone will offer a serious upgrade from last year's iPhone 4.

What seems certain is that Apple is going to launch a phone with its fast A5 processor and upgraded camera tomorrow. Upgraded speech functions - including a talk-to-text function also seem highly likely, whatever the casing looks like.

'This launch won't be underwhelming,' Will Findlater, editor of Stuff magazine told Mail Online.

'We've waited 15 months for a new iPhone and the old model now looks old-fashioned - it's not dual core, and the camera isn't competitive.

'Apple's rivals have made huge gains over the past year. Apple needs to upgrade.'


Security software company Sophos is warning that a slick-looking email. seemingly from Apple, offering details of the iPhone '5GS' will infect your PC (not Mac) with malicious software if you open it.
'Apple's iPhone 5 is due to be revealed to the world tomorrow, which makes today the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage of the excitement and exploit it for their own ends,' wrote Sophos's Graham Cluley on the company Blog

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